Tangawizi cooking class
Tangawizi cooking class is the leading cooking tour company in Zanzibar.
Zanzibar is the land of multiple cultures with various tastes of food.
we welcome you to book your cooking class now to enjoy several tastes at one time.
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Join for a hands-on Zanzibar cooking class , its the first and leading Zanzibar cooking tour , our local chefs  teach you authentic Zanzibar cooking class from curries,deserts, different options for rice and many delicious breads.

Book this special Zanzibar cooking class while in Zanzibar or away from Zanzibar.

Join unforgotten original Zanzibar cooking class, get old fashioned recipes from  our traditional Zanzibar cooking tours.   

Email : tangawizibistro@yahoo.com

Whatsapp on +255778883306
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Zanzibar Cooking class list:

 1. Stone Town  Cooking class plus Stone town tour

 2. Stone Town Cooking class with no Stone  town tour

 Farm cooking class with bonus of spice tour

 4. Kendwa or Nungwi cooking class

 5. East coast cooking class

Please note: Our means of transfer is public transport, however if you need private car is available with extra charge.  

 Extra activities?
Would you like to do some tours of Zanzibar ? Let us help you to organise them.
Stone town
Jozani Forest
Prison Island