Tangawizi cooking class                                                                Join for a hands-on cooking class in our kitchens, its the first Zanzibar cooking tour , our local chefs will teach you authentic Zanzibar cuisines from curries, sweets to many main dishes that will ‘wow’ your friends in your home! Depending on which type of cooking class (location), if you do in the farm cooking class its your opportunity to do market and spice tour with our competent guide as your big bonus, Get chance of visiting one of our Stone town home(Stone Town Home cooking class) for having the cooking class but also learn on Zanzibar culture and its history. 

You can book this special cooking Zanzibar class while in Zanzibar or away from Zanzibar.

Join Unforgotten original Zanzibar cooking class, get old fashioned recipes from Zanzibar cooking tours.

 Zanzibar Cooking class list:

 1.     Stone Town  Cooking class plus Stone town tour

 2.     Stone Town Cooking class with no Stone town tour

     Farm cooking class with bonus of spice tour

 4.      Kendwa cooking class

 5.     East Coast cooking class

  6.   Eating without cooking class

Farm and Stone town cooking class tour start at Darajani fish market.  Farm cooking class with spice tour Time 9.30am-2.00pm or 2.30pm-6.30pm

Stone Town cooking class with Stone town tour starts at 8.30am -2.00pm or 2.00pm -6.30pm  to provide enough time for you to learn history and culture.

Stone town Home cooking class without Stone town tour starts  at 9.30am -1pm or 2.30pm -5.30pm

Kendwa cooking class 10.30am-2.00 pm only one session for this one.

East coast cooking class 10.30am-2.00pm  only one session for this one.

 Note Our means of transfer is public transport, however if you need private car is available with extra charge.  Once you accept cooking class please pay your deposit so that we can confirm your reservation as soon as possible.

You are with the first and experienced cooking class Zanzibar.
Zanzibar the land of multiple cultures.  
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Join the first Zanzibar cooking tour since 2011.