Tangawizi cooking class

For the time being March - End of April we run online cooking class only due to Coronavirus, our kitchens are closed till when assess the situation of Coronavirus.
You can book cooking class and we do it through whatsapp after giving you recipes.
Enjoy this Authentic Zanzibar online cooking class , plaese go to the menu and choose your date.
Zanzibar authentic and original from ancestors cooking class
Cooking class in Zanzibar hands on,  A day Zanzibar typical cooking classes in the Kitchen” lesson lasts approximately 3 hours, it can start at 9:30am or 2:30pm .

Discover the secrets of our traditional dishes. Great space, fun class and great food, cooking with coconut milk prepared from scratch in our Zanzibar local kitchen, we sit on the mat while we do preparation and cooking. We have three Zanzibar locations for cooking classes, these are Stone town, In the farm cooking class and Paje, our classes can be with tours or without other tours.

- Stone town cooking class with Stone town cultural and historical tour..
-Stone town cooking class without Stone town tour
_ Farm cooking class with spice tour
- Farm cooking class with traditional butt shaking folk dance
- Paje cooking class.
Extra  optional tour is market tour and shopping of ingredients.

    • In a strategic area surrounded by local communities.

    • You will be guided by professional and experienced cook in one of the most well-known Zanzibar cooking class in Tanzania  
    • Go to the local traditional market and buy your own fresh vegetables and spices.

    • The cook will explain the history of each dish for you.

    • You will practice how to make popular Zanzibar cuisines step by step.

    • You can take photos and. Video

    • Get your Lunch or dinner to enjoy Zanzibar traditional authentic meals after class.

The World health problem of Coronavirus has made most of us in the field of travel to work from home, its not easy to some people but its circumstance.
We offer cooking class from Zanzibar via whatsapp if interested join us , book we will list your ingredients to buy and then Zanzibar virtual cooking class will take place .book now  
Email : tangawizibistro@yahoo.com

Whatsapp on +255778883306

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