Tangawizi cooking class, instructor  provides extra tours when needed to be combined with cooking in Zanzibar, we in Tangawizi have been working with customers from different nationalities to introduce cooking classes experience of over nine years, we are the first company established cooking tour in Zanzibar.

We have compiled all Zanzibar traditional dishes from North to South of Zanzibar, more than 85 recipes are documented in our kitchens thus why we give you options to choose for cooking with us.

Zanzibar cooking class tour is interesting cultural activities  which incorporate meals from Indian, Arabic, Swahili etc. In our Zanzibar Kitchen its all about healthy food as you know spices have lots of the best nutrients for your body and mind.

This Zanzibar tradional cooking class is absolutely authentic, you learn froms scratch, our friendly and helpful cooks make sure that you leave from our kitchen with Swahili, Indian and arabic cooking experiences.

You love food? We do as well , join us now special Zanzibar for cooking class.

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