This is not restaurant food, its homely non-commercial ingredients, you are welcome in our home, get to know Zanzibar culture which is made of many cultures from Bantu, Indian, Arabic, when you stay in the hotels without meeting locals face to face you won't learn much about Zanzibar and its people. 
This is a great Zanzibar food tour outside of busy Stone town.
Eating without cooking is possible, you  don't have time for cooking class? come to Tangawizi you will enoy 8 authentic meals you never tasted before, you deserve a holiday with forever great memories, this will be one of them.

We have got the following sessions:

Monday- Sunday

12.30 pm - 2pm and 7pm- 8.30pm

Prices based on per person

$15  2persons

$12  3-10  

$10  11-20 

The price includes transport from and to  Stone town only, this service must start with 2 people. Our means of transfer is public transport, if you need private transfers we can arrange with extra charge, are you outside of Stone town still you can enoy the experience, get out from hidden Zanzibar, come and enjoy Zanzibar traditional meals.

Let's organise it for you!     

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