The white sand beach of Kiwengwa and charm of smiles from Zanzibar community attract tourists to visit  this place,  Tangawizi cooking class has added the value by introducing the cultural aspects, authentic Zanzibar cooking class is a big word in Zanzibar, Kiwengwa tourists now can enjoy the Zanzibar authentic cooking class, it’s the first and original, do not look any further book now  Kiwengwa cooking class from Tangawizi will highlight your holiday of Zanzibar, it’s a spot on.                                                                                                       The cooking class takes place in the local community area, this will give you cultural insight.

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 Time 10:30am -1:30pm Monday to Sunday. 

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1 pax - $50 

2pax- 4 pax $ 40

5 pax-10 pax $ 35
Deposit  25%