Tangawizi cooking class

Zanzibar traditional food and folk dance Entertainment at one time and at one place in the farm. 

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Zanzibar Traditional foods and dance 

The authentic "Butt Shaking Folk Dance and dinner in the farm , celebrate food and dance of Zanzibar in the small Zanzibar community of Dole Kianga..

Location: for class is 25 minutes away from Stone town, you will be picked up at Darajani fish market at 2.30 pm  

Do you drive yourself to Spice farm give us a call/whatsapp or email us for booking

Price for lunching not cooking class 

1 person $50

2- 4 persons $35

5- 10 persons $25 

Book now support Dole community.

Whatsapp +255778883306

Email: tangawizibistro@yahoo.com