understanding the local culture is a massive part of traveling and tasting traditional food has got a link with cultural experience.

Traditional foods are part of a country’s inheritance , we strongly suggest you carry the memories of Zanzibar culture through tasty meals. Book your Zanzibar buffet , dishes that have been passed through generations. It’s the same all over the world and trying traditional foods is a good way to taste one bigger part of this culture.

5 Zanzibar authentic dishes will be prepared /cooked for you

Location: for class is 25 minutes away from Stone town, you will be picked up at Darajani fish market at 12 pm 

Why not enjoy the local tasty meals especially when you do not have time for cooking class, we have made this effort to make sure you live with highlights of your life time memoir. 

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Email: tangawizibistro@yahoo.com

Price for lunching not cooking class 
1 person $25

2- 4 persons $18

5- 10 persons $15