Cooking class and Stone Town Tour 

This cooking class is designed to give you knowledge of Zanzibar and  its culture including history, we will give  guided Stone Town tour for one and half hour in order to grasp the history and culture of  Zanzibar people. Stone Town became a flourishing centre of trade in the 19th century. It was a hub for the trade of both spices and human beings. 

Spices are an important aspect of the Zanzibar culture. When the Arabs arrived, they started large spice plantations making Zanzibar was the world biggest exporter of cloves at the time. Zanzibar cooking is impossible without spices, for this cooking class we will not visit the farm except we visit historical sites, also we will go to Zanzibar main market at Darajani  to buy ingredients including spices and vegetables .

Time  8:30am - 2:00pm or  2:00 pm - 6:30pm  it includes Stone town tour ,market tour, learn four recipes in our kitchen, get your lunch or dinner  and  mineral water after class.

Meeting point Darajani infront of fish market by the main road whereby you will find many big umbrellas under the Neem tree.

You can choose cooking class without Stone town tour or cooking class with Stone town tour below.

Price is per person
1 pax $ 55, cooking class with Stone town tour  

2pax- 4pax $ 50 cooking class with Stone town tour
Stone town deposit
1 pax - $ 45,       Cooking class without Stone town tour

2pax -4pax $40   Cooking class without Stone town tour
Stone town deposit