Tangawizi Bistro


Coronavirus disrupted,  unwelcome it invaded , we believe we are stronger so it will not stop us completely to do what we want to do, we take measures against it, we do things we love in different ways but we do them.
Yes, hope is on the way that soon things will change bit by bit, also while we are in the process of changing, we don't sit down with palm under the chin, let's change our lives in a prosperous and positive way.
 We offer online cooking classes via whatsapp at reasonable price, 3 recipes per day estimated time is 2 hrs  for $15 (payment online $5  deposit and during class pay $10.
Before your cooking class we discuss on your food preference e.g  some people do not consume flour, eggs or meat so will need to know in advance then we provide options of dishes via whatsapp.
We need to inform you on equipment to be used plus ingredients to shop. Once you gather all those we can start communication through whatsapp.
Zanzibar Online cooking class is scheduled  in East African time  at 1.30am to  10.00pm choose time  you want.

Its casual you can ask questions and we can talk about normal life, its kind of therapy especially for those one who are on lockdown.

Get this Zanzibar online cooking class where ever you are during this time, its kind of therapy, indulgence and fun! Join us .
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